Baby Items A to Z – Playful ‘P’

Baby Items Starting with P


This might be a basic, but essential baby item. I am not talking about puffing a baby’s face with powder rather use it wiser.

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Before dusting a baby powder, ALWAYS make sure to dry the baby’s skin thoroughly. Moisture plus powder is a bad combination. Dust the powder in the baby’s armpits, neck (the best place for the fungi to grow), around genitals and buttocks.

In recent years, baby powders were under the radar of causing cancer. TRUE?! Who knows!

I have been using Himalaya baby powder since Baby V was a newborn. It is s formulated with herbal ingredients and the key ingredients are: Vetiver, Yashada bhasma, Olive oil and Almond oil.

Play Mat & Play Gym

Baby Play Mat & Play Gym are the most versatile baby items with their many benefits for the development.

These baby items are a good investment when a baby is ready and eager to move its arms and legs. When they begin to develop new skills, it is essential to have something to stimulate their senses and to encourage them. Get them going during tummy time.

The playmat that I have has Alphabets on one side and animals on the other. It is a soft mat and Baby V loved playing on it. The material doesn’t absorb urine so it could be cleaned quickly. It is fun and educational.

Play gym is a soft mat with an arch that supports toys that dangle and the baby can reach out to grasp it. They have baby-safe mirror, kick-activated piano, some may have lights. Once the baby is able to sit, he can enjoy the piano.

Developmental benefits of play gym:

Improves cognitive skills

First time they hit that toy and see what they do. They are going to hit it again and again letting them know the cause and effect.

Visual perceptive skills

Did you know a baby’s vision is blurry beyond 8-10 inches? The bright and contrast colored toys help to develop their visual skills.

Hand-eye coordination

The above two skills enhance a baby’s hand-eye movements.

Motor skills

Make tummy time the fun time. Lay them on their tummy on the play gym and they will use their muscles of neck, arms, legs.


Baby V DID NOT like it. Every time I put a pacifier in his mouth he used to spit it out!

The only reason I added it in this baby items list is because I wanted to share my experience regarding it.

So, what are your thoughts about using a powder, a pacifier? Did you get a play gym for your baby?

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Baby Items A to Z – Openhearted ‘O’

Baby Items Starting with O


Why? They are fun! Usually in India, onesies aren’t the first choice of baby clothing. But they are in trend due to the funny quotes on it as well as the print of milestones or “the first” festival.

I had bought 10 onesies, of varying sizes when I was pregnant. One of my good friend is excellent in fabric painting, so most of the designs are made by her.

Onesies are a fun addition to a photo shoot and for making memories. From funny quotes, movie quotes to milestones, you name it and you will get it customised from many online websites.

So make moments memorable with Onesies!


Oatmeal is a perfect stage 2 food for baby-led weaning. It is hypoallergic plus easy to digest. I started oatmeal to Baby V at 8 months. Earlier I roasted the oats, made it into powder using a grinder and then cooked it. The consistency was like a porridge, so it was easy for him to eat. When I knew Baby V could digest it well I stopped the roasting and powder process.

You can add fruits like banana, mango, berries or vegetables to make it more healthy and it would taste different. After all, they won’t get bored with the same flavor.

Oats along with fiber has calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, various vitamins. Read the entire nutrients here.

How do you store milestones of your baby?

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Baby Items A to Z – Nourishing ‘N’

Baby Items Starting with N

Nursing Pillow

Are you a breastfeeding mother? Then,

  • Save your neck
  • Save your back
  • Save your shoulders

Invest in a nursing pillow!

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Nursing pillows are intelligently designed to prevent aches and pains during breastfeeding due to the posture. And how many times do you have to breastfeed a newborn? Countless!

I have already elaborated on the wondrous benefits of a nursing pillow in this post.

Let me again explain in short:

Had a C-section? No one can even imagine the pain that lasts for about 15 days post it. Using a nursing pillow will reduce the discomfort tremendously and act as a barrier between the baby and the scar. Imagine you have to breastfeed your baby on a lap or a simple pillow that can hit straight on the scar.

A nursing pillow raises the height that helps latching more easily.

Apart from breastfeeding, you can also use it during tummy time for your tiny one and when he is learning to sit, it helps a baby in prop up position.

nursing pillow benefits
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You may think, “Oh! It’s such a highly-priced baby item and might be a marketing gimmick.” Take my word, breastfeeding is difficult for many and when it goes easy, you have to be ready for it as sometimes feeding can go for a half-hour or more.

Give TLC to yourself with a nursing pillow. It can also be a great gift for a new mother!

Nail scissors

Cutting a baby’s nails is the most tricky task! Tiny nails, wiggling hands makes the task all the way more difficult. Babies have sharp nails and it is not easy to cut them with a regular nail clipper. I had tried the infant nail clipper but that too injured Baby V and oh, how guilty I felt!

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Copyright: Aai & Baby V

Look at his bandaged finger! From then I decided to use a nail scissor intended for baby’s nails.

How do you or How did you cut your baby’s nails? Share your experience.

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Baby Items A to Z – Marvellous ‘M’

Baby Items Starting with M


What happens when you pick up your fussy crying child and gently pat him? He feels relaxed in your arms and stops crying. Skin-to-skin contact, touch has been known to soothe and calm a stressed baby. Imagine what will happen when you take out those 10 minutes to massage your baby?

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You may have read multiple benefits of massage but for me, it was a perfect bonding exercise with my Baby V. If you are an Indian, you must be knowing about “maalish wali” (the ones who give a massage) for a post-partum female and her baby. Me and Baby V got the benefit of massage by her for 14 days. Well, then the lockdown in March 2020 restricted the outsider in the society.

I was tensed in the beginning whether will I be able to massage Baby V. Then I realised how Baby V enjoyed when I massaged him gently whereas he used to cry out when the maalish wali used to. Massage time became our favourite time. Even though he couldn’t respond, I talked with him while massaging. I spoke slowly that I am going to massage you, I am massaging your hands, legs, etc. It was fun indeed.

I won’t elaborate about the ways of massage in this post. You can read about it here.

What you need for massage is a Baby Massage Oil. To begin with we had used Parachute Coconut Oil (the traditional in India) but later on I switched to Himalaya Baby Massage Oil. I used it till Baby V turned one.

Now I use Oil by Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe’s Santulan Baby Massage Oil.

As I spoke in the previous post, always do a patch test before thoroughly using any skin product for a baby.


Babies love to scratch their faces not because they like it but they want to explore everything as they begin to develop motor skills. So mittens (hand gloves for babies) are the best to prevent scratches on their delicate skin. They also help them keep warm.

Baby V after developing the habit of putting his fingers in mouth, he used to chew the mittens till he gets them out. So opt for the mittens with knots and not the elastic.

mittens for babies


Baby Monitor! Yes, absolutely. I am not talking about the monitors that record the parameters regarding to the health. I have a security camera by TP Link Tapo.

I don’t have a helper to lookout for Baby V when he sleeps and he is a light sleeper. Before purchasing the camera, I had to open the door several times to check on him. This camera made my life easy! It works on WiFi, we have to download the mobile app and Voila, we can see the video in real time.

Still, doubts about this useful item? You can have a quick shower, you can be in another room doing work or chores as well as keeping an eye on your precious little one.

baby items checklist
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This camera gave me a peace of mind knowing that Baby V is sleeping well. And, sometimes it’s fun to watch him what he does after waking up?

Have you ever considered any of these baby items?

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Baby Items A to Z – Lively ‘L’

Baby Items Starting with L

Leg warmers

Protect those little legs with super cute adorable Leg warmers. They aren’t just an accessory but offer many benefits.

  • The main benefit is the warmth. Leg warmers keep babies’ legs cozy on those wintery days and cold nights.
  • We tend to wrap a baby with every possible clothing to keep him warm during cold days and it’s a struggle to change a nappy or diaper as babies pee and poop a lot. Leg warmers make this job easy.
  • Don’t you want to protect those little knees from boo boo? Leg warmers aid in the protection of knees from getting scratched once they begin crawling.
  • Leg warmers can also be used by a toddler outdoors for the same reason of protection. They are easy to pull off when it’s hot outside.

If something is cozy, easy to use, and protects the baby’s legs, you can go for it! Watch Baby V in Leg Warmers by SuperBottoms.

But wait, it comes with a downfall. It might not be for everyone but I want to share it. Leg warmers are available in free size, which means they are stretchable. If your baby’s thighs are chunky, leg warmers can be tight-fitting leaving a mark. So you’ll doubt the benefits of leg warmers. Just want to put this out there.


You can’t go wrong with buying a lotion. But make sure, it is meant for a baby. Your newborn’s immune system which is the fighting system against infection is still developing and hence they are more susceptible to infections. Baby’s skin can go from soft, delicate, smooth to dry, flaky and angry looking in no time. So be cautious before using any kind of products on a newborn.

Tips to buy a baby lotion

  • The skin product must be free from parabens, chemicals, dyes
  • Even if the label reads “hypoallergic”, ALWAYS do a patch test on the baby.

How to do a patch test?

Apply a pea size amount of the lotion on baby’s arm. Notice for any redness, itching or any abnormal reaction. Observe for a day. If there is no reaction, you can use it for the baby.

I have used Mamaearth Daily Moisturizing Lotion, Dabur Baby Lotion, Sebamed Baby Lotion. My experience with all of them is good.

Have you used leg warmers for your baby?

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