#14 Day in Our Life: Play Dough Time | The Queen’s Gambit | Hurt from the Past

Play-Dough Time

I do know Play-Dough is recommended for 3+ years but as I have mentioned in many posts that I find it hard to keep Baby V busy with a particular activity. I always am in search of baby activities for 1 year old. Currently, he only picks the dough, smashes it, and nothing else. But it keeps him busy for 10 minutes. 

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Recommendation: Fun Dough Funskool Fun Pack Of 12 – Multicolor

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I finally downloaded The Montessori Toddler: A Parent’s Guide to Raising a Curious and Responsible Human Being which I had mentioned in this post. I shall keep you updated with my reading and share the tips which I loved in the book.

Have you read the book?

Netflix To The Rescue – The Queen’s Gambit 

I can’t say I binge-watched The Queen’s Gambit but I did finish it quicker than other shows because it was so intriguing. You will fall in love with Beth Harmon, a genius chess player while struggling with grief, loss, and addictions. 

I begin watching it after the recommendation from baybayhay from YouTube. She is one of the few YouTubers I love to watch.

I am poor or BAD in chess but the miniseries gave me a thought to begin learning it all over again. Let’s see when shall I begin!

Hurt from the Past

Do you have those days when you just cannot forget few incidents from the past?

Today was one of those days when I cannot control my brain that pulls me in reminding all the hurt I have experienced in the past. Those moments are like the sand particles that remain in the palm while the rest slips between the fingers. 

I cannot get over the hurt no matter how much ever I try my brain to erase it. Tonight I wrote all of it again with teary eyes to feel relieved but still, the hurt lurks somewhere inside. 

Thank you for reading. 

#13 Day in Our Life: Q&A with Pediatrician | My dilemma about Flu and Hepatitis A Vaccines

In my previous Day in Our Life post, I mentioned Baby V being sick. Though he is quite better I had wanted to visit his pediatrician for a general check-up and asking few questions.

Question: Baby V’s appetite is reduced or he is in the phase of throwing his food and not eating. One day he eats well, the other day he doesn’t. What should I do?

Answer: It doesn’t matter. Don’t force-feed. Give him natural regular food and continue with breastfeeding. 

(Prescribed multivitamin syrup)

Question: Should I give him any supplement/drink to add to milk?

Answer: No. It kills the appetite of the child.

Question: Does he require medicine for worm infestation/anthelmintics?

Answer: No, he doesn’t require them. For kids under 2, it isn’t advisable as they have a bad effect on kidneys. 

The pediatrician advised Flu and Hepatitis A vaccine for Baby V. I had refrained from giving flu vaccine which is given before 1 year. The conversation with the pediatrician put me in dilemma about considering these vaccines.

I took advice from my Mommy friends who gave their honest reply. I am not against vaccination but I have certain doubts about few vaccines. 

These two vaccines – flu and Hepatitis A are not present under the Universal Immunisation Programme, Government of India

If you decide to give your child these vaccines, they are available only in private hospitals. 

What are your thoughts about vaccines in general and have you given your child these vaccines? I would appreciate your reply. 

Thank you for reading.

I wrote down my anger and crumpled the paper | Journaling for Mental Health

I remember scribbling a sentence in a book when I was about 9 or 10 years old. I was so angry at someone and couldn’t express it. I opened the book wrote what I felt and crumpled the paper. It was phenomenal!

I began to write a diary when I was 21. I always used to write in it about my day and my feelings. There came a day when I thought what if someone would read it? And then I decided to tear it. With each tear, something broke inside me. I shouldn’t do it my heart kept on screaming but the thought of someone reading it and judging me weighed more. I clearly remember those bits of paper I threw in the trash can. After throwing it I looked at them for the last time. A thought crossed my mind to remove them but those papers died and along with that my emotions too. 

That era was not of the internet and smartphones. They were emerging but weren’t accessible to me. High-speed internet and mobile phones were a luxury which I couldn’t afford during those times. Then I decided to write a diary with song lyrics that represented my emotions. Each night I listened to a song and wrote the lyrics in the diary. This way even if someone read it, they wouldn’t know what exactly I wanted to convey or my thoughts. I still have kept that diary nicely taped. That diary consists of one whole year’s emotions. 

After that, I didn’t write anything for almost 9 years. I was blogging since 2010 but I struggled to write consistently and I didn’t feel secure writing my raw feelings and about my life.

There came a time, I was high on dark emotions and no one to share with. The era of 3G evolved and browsing on mobiles emerged. It was fast and easy. I came across Journey: Diary, Journal Mobile App. I was struggling with updating it daily in the beginning but then I chose the option of reminder in the app. Every night at 10 pm the app reminds me to write in it. Now with the daily habit, I don’t even need a reminder. 

I would still prefer writing with a pen in a notebook but then I doubt its security. So even though I may not write a long journal entry, those are my precious entries. 

Why I recommend keeping a Journal

  • Dump those distressing thoughts (feels awesome, try it!)
  • Learn about your emotional health
  • Know how you have grown emotionally
  • For a Good night sleep
  • Keep those memories alive

‘This post is part of Blogchatter’s CauseAChatter’ 

journaling for mental health
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#12 Day in Our Life: It’s My Birthday – Wiser 30’s | Sick Toddler | Home is Where the Heart is

7 June 2021

It was my second birthday with Baby V. Waking up every day to see him is a blessing. I didn’t even realize how quickly the first half of 2021 has gone by and it was my 34th birthday.

H got me a rose and here is Baby V with it. It was kind of a no cooking day as H ordered for us and I had to cook for Baby V.

indian mommy bloggers

Compare my 33th birthday with 34th. Aren’t I a dull and tired looking mom of a toddler? Yet Happy, all that matters!

indian mom bloggers

Are you among the ones who love to celebrate birthdays or the ones who do not like them as they remind me of getting older?

I belong to the first one. I know I am getting older but I am not saying in the context of “celebrating” a birthday with a cake, balloons, or get-together with friends. The 20’s were stepping out of college and into the real world. Achievements, failure, disappointments. Not that they aren’t present in 30’s but I didn’t know how to accept them.

We get older yet wiser. Correct me if I am wrong?

Wiser 30’s – What Have I Learned in My 30’s

  • Getting old isn’t bad
  • Health is everything. Make it a priority
  • Always be grateful
  • There is time for everything. EVERYTHING.
  • Stop caring about what others think
  • Don’t be a people pleaser
  • Some people will always be ungrateful for your efforts
  • Accept failure
  • Gratitude is the way of expressing how much you love your life
  • Life is short (cliche but can’t put blinds over it)

Sick Toddler

Baby V’s appetite was less since the past few days and he was restless (more than the usual days) on my birthday. When I put him to sleep in the night I knew something wasn’t well with him. He woke up several times during the night due to a blocked nose. I gave him homeopathic medicine and he slept but past 2 am he had a spiking fever. I carried him around so that he could sleep. He slept well for about 3 hours. 

By 7 am his body was burning hot and he was crying. Though being a doctor I can’t think straight when he is sick. I knew I couldn’t take care of him alone and so rushed to my Mom’s home. 

His fever came down in the evening and he had no fever throughout the night. 

A happy, restless, mischievous Baby V was back!

Home is where the Heart is

Talking about visiting mom’s home, I miss this place a lot. Though it isn’t the home where I grew up but it’s the home where my Baby V grew as an infant, from a tiny baby to an infant. 

I stay away from attachments but I cannot get rid of this. Somehow this place has my heart and soul. I always miss this home, looking around makes me nostalgic. Stepping out of this home to go back to mine is like putting a stone on my heart. When I return to my home, there is always an emptiness within me which just doesn’t get filled. Words will fall short to express my feelings here. 

Do you have such a place in your life?

Thank you for reading.

#11 Day in Our Life: Let’s play with the things other than Toys | Netflix to the Rescue

Toys! They are meant to entertain and engage kids. Wait a minute! Let me rephrase it. Are toys meant to entertain and engage kids? Please tell me coz Baby V loves to play with things other than toys.

Source: GIPHY

Give him a toy and an empty bottle. He chooses the bottle. Give him a toy and anything from the kitchen. He chooses the other. Give him a toy and a wet cloth. Yup! He chooses the wet cloth.

Baby V is obsessed with water. I have heard babies cry and wail during bath but not with Baby V. Even when he was few days old, he loved bathing. He likes water so much that when I use a wet cloth to clean his hands, he wants it and plays with it. The only activity he engages in for more than 10 minutes is playing with the wet cloth.

Baby V has been watching me do all the cleaning in the house from the age when he began to understand his surroundings. I think watching me do it, even he wants to do the same.

I have stopped buying toys for him. Really. The toys remain stacked and he plays with the remote, pen holder, sticks, and the list is long.

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It’s been more than 3 years since I am a loyal viewer of Netflix. I enjoy it.

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I have binge-watched The Good Wife, Lucifer, MindHunter, Manhunt: Unabomber. Recently I watched the series Lupin and eager to watch its Part 2 coming soon. I swooshed through Season 1 of The Bold Type but am stuck at Season 2. Though I have left many TV shows in between not because I didn’t like them but I am not in the state to watch them. Few of them are Gilmore Girls, Grace and Frankie, Suits.

Last few days I am addicted to the series Criminal UK. What a show! The mental conflicts, criminal psychology in the interview room is so intent.

I have always liked shows based on psychology, The Mentalist and Criminal Minds being my most favorites. The Mentalist is available on Amazon in India but I can’t find Criminal Minds. Do you know where it airs in India? Please let me know.

Thank you for reading.