#10 Speak Your Heart Out – Where are You ‘Self-control’? | Mom Guilt | All The Negative Emotions

I WAS LOSING MY COOL too soon and I lashed my anger toward Baby V. It was UGLY. I feel ashamed, sad, and frustrated in those moments. While he was just acting himself – a toddler. I knew he needed me but I reacted otherwise.

This is probably my fifth attempt at writing this post because I was not ready to pen it all down. I wasted my time scrolling through Instagram rather than writing. I WAS ESCAPING from those emotions and reactions.

But thankfully the realization dawned soon that I NEED TO CHANGE MY THOUGHTS and not expect Baby V to behave as I wanted him to. I mentioned in the last post about going through some distress and it’s like a parasite feeding on me, making me weaker and getting stronger.

I am feeling insecure. I am scared. I feel WEAK (emotionally, mentally). I am feeling all those negative ones and I am fighting hard against them. I don’t know when it will end or will I ever win the fight?

This post is going to be short. Ending it here and see you soon with refreshed emotion and tone. Leaving you with the song I’m listening to.

#9 Speak Your Heart Out | Pasta, Pasta, Pasta Everywhere | Our Father | The Lincoln Lawyer

Okay! I am officially going to strike off the “Tuesday” from the Speak Your Heart Out Tuesday series. Because I always miss ‘Tuesday’ every week and missing it puts me more into procrastination mode and the pressure to write. 

Let’s dive into the post. Pasta, Pasta, Pasta Everywhere! If you are a mom of an infant or toddler and haven’t heard this song? What are you doing? This song on Cocomelon always uplifts my mood (Currently, I’m in a deeply distressed state). I love JJ’s grandma how she lets the kids choose the type of pasta, sauce, and toppings. So, it plays inside my head – Pasta, Pasta, Pasta Everywhere. I do a tapping dance and groove on it. 

Our Father | New Netflix Documentary

Nope! I haven’t watched the show, but the snippet gave me a chill, so not going to watch it. 

Here’s the snippet:

After a woman’s at-home DNA test reveals multiple half-siblings, she discovers a shocking scheme involving donor sperm and a popular fertility doctor. 

I am not worried about the scheme because I trust my fertility clinic. I am anxious about preparing myself to begin explaining to Baby V about his conception. I don’t want him to get a DNA test himself whenever the doubt arises. 

Because people and relatives ALWAYS end up saying he looks like his Dad, he is a copy of his father and I can’t even imagine the day he raises the question – “Why don’t I look like you, mom?”

 I am gearing up to talk about his Conception Story. 

The Lincoln Lawyer 

Let’s lose up a little from the above serious thoughts. I am hooked on the new Netflix series – The Lincoln Lawyer based on the book by Michael Connelly. 

I have watched the first 3 episodes and Oh! What a good show and the leading actor Mickey Haller is!

If you are thinking, she is wasting her time watching Netflix instead of doing something productive then Ladies and Gentlemen, this is called Self-Love, My Me-time. 

See you again! Leaving with you a song as always on this Sunday afternoon. 

Separation Anxiety | Summer Camp | Getting Ready for Preschool | Social Skills

My heart dropped in my stomach after leaving Baby V for the first day of summer camp and hearing him WAIL! It was the first time I left him among the ones he never knew. The point is I SNEAKED OUT, knowing he would look for me. Whenever I had to step out for some work, his grandparents would accompany him. He is close to them, so he doesn’t become fussy when he doesn’t see me around. But he would call for me 100 times till I return.

Coming to the first day of summer camp. I sat out for an hour and a half on the first day. I couldn’t make myself leave the school premises, and hearing his cries made my heart beat faster. There was a turmoil of emotions inside me, so I took a 10 minutes walk to clear my mind. I felt a bit better.
Thankfully his teacher sent me a message that he has stopped crying. Who said it is only a child who goes through separation anxiety on the first day of school life?! I, too, felt the same, probably 1000s times more.

The summer camp was an opportunity for him to prepare for his Preschool. I had wanted him to be around the ones other than family. The summer camp will hone his social skills development.
The one habit I want to instill in him is sharing. I understand he is the only child, and with the restricted life during the pandemic, he never came across as “sharing”.

Day 2 of Summer Camp was less crying and a beginning of involvement in playing and interacting with the teacher and kids. I still have to sneak out whenever he is engaged because he clings to me when I say it is time for me to leave.

Day 3 and Day 4: He brightens up whenever I pick him up. He said he had fun. How relieved was I!

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#7 Speak Your Heart Out Tuesday | Frazzled | Elated | What next? | Three Ds of Apparition

I truly need to delete ‘Tuesday’ from the Speak Your Heart Out series. But (there’s always a but)! But I was frazzled (I actually used Thesaurus for this word meaning Exhausted) yesterday, mentally and physically. I took a nap when I got some spare time from house chores. I had wanted to write this post after putting Baby V to sleep last night but I think my body signaled to my brain – “I am too tired, I need rest.” So my brain decided to give my body a good night’s sleep.

Elated! Why am I elated? I completed the BlogchatterA2Z campaign. I wrote 26 posts for it. I had missed writing one post on a particular day and BAMN! I had lost the motivation to write. But I had made a pact with myself, No matter what, I won’t stop writing, not anymore! I have lost or rather wasted time under the influence of procrastination. I will write for myself even if there ain’t any footfalls on my blog. Writing is my passion and I won’t leave it for anyone or anything.

What next?

I have dreams (many of us do have). I can understand not all of them can come true but a few of them can with hard work, dedication and determination. Do you remember the Harry Potter spell for going from one place to other?

Three Ds of Apparition –

  • Fix your mind on the desired Destination
  • Focus your Determination
  • Moving with Deliberation

I will surely let you know when I get there!

Leaving you with the song I am listening to.

Toddler Activities at Home –Zipper Board | Ziploc Sensory Bags


Zipper Board

Have those old bags that you are about to throw out? Remove the zip before you do that! Collect all the zips from unused bags and stick them on a board. You can stick them straight or zigzag or in form of alphabets.

This activity is beneficial for the toddlers tiny muscles in the hand, fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination. It is also amazing to watch their tiny hands trying to zip it open and close.

You can also sew few zippers on a piece of cloth. You can carry it during travel and keep the toddler busy for a while.

Ziploc Sensory Bags

One bag and more than 10 sensory bag activities for toddlers. I am sharing few of them here.

  • Fill the Ziploc bag with water. Use a sticky tape to seal it. Tadaa! A simple sensory bag for the little one.
  • Pour different paint in the bag, seal it and stick it to floor or window. The toddlers tiny fingers will do their creative work.
  • Squeeze the clear hair gel into a small Ziploc bag, you can add multiple things at a time such as buttons, small toys. Again, seal it with sticky tape.
  • To the hair gel add few drops of red food color and mix it thoroughly. Add the mixture to the bag along with watermelon seeds. Stick the bag on the window where the sunlight comes through. This will keep your toddler busy and love watching the shining sunlight passing through the bag.
  • You can make a sensory squishy bag using clear hair gel according to themes such as Summer, Winter, Fall, Valentine,etc. Use objects related to the theme.

These sensory bags are super easy to make at home plus educational too.

This post is written for #BlogchatterA2Z 2022 – a way to get 10x amplification for your blog.