#19 Day in Our Life: Toddler activities at Home | Baby V’s First Tour in Mumbai Bus

Toddler Activities at Home

What do I do when I get that little time when Baby V isn’t clinging to me? GOOGLE GOOGLE GOOGLE! I google toddler activities at home all the time. I have gone through them a lot, some are easy, some need a different set-up, some are I know Baby V will end up doing a huge mess even though advised for toddlers.

It is essential to keep toddlers busy as it sparks creativity and is good for their brain. But choosing any activity is a great task as the focus time of a toddler is just for 5 minutes. You have to be quicker than them before they end up getting bored.

You can find many YouTube videos on Busy Bags for Toddlers. They are quite good. I haven’t got my hands on making those but hopefully will make them. I am also in the process of making a Toddler Binder which is going to be educational as well as fun for Baby V. I shall share it once I am done.

Following are 3 toddler activities which kept Baby V busy for 10-15 minutes. You can’t expect more than that with a toddler.


Baby V loves colors. Yes, the colors does end up on his clothes, body but hey, he loves them so I make sure all the cleaning accessories on hand to clean up after the mess.

toddler activities at home

This activity suggested to make bowl of colored water and give a Q-tip to the toddler. Show him to dip the Q-tip and paint on the paper. But don’t be hopeful, they will end up doing altogether something different than expected and I have learned to accept it. You cannot force a toddler to behave in a certain manner.

Making shapes with Play Dough

This activity is favourite of Baby V. Here instead of Play Dough I have used wheat flour dough which I don’t have to worry about if he puts it in the mouth when I am not around.

toddler activities at home

We just roll out the dough and make shapes using the different shape sorter. Baby V is familiar to the shape of the car, airplane, bus, star, triangle, circle, oval.

Empty old tin and cards

I had mentioned about toddler activities in one of the older post. I was so glad watching him enjoy it and doing it the right way. He has gotten bore with it now but he did the activity the proficient way. He learned to hold the card and put it in the thin slit of the tin.

toddler activities at home

Baby V’s First Tour in Mumbai Bus

Corona scare is still lurking and we have been avoiding public transport. But Baby V is understanding his surrounding now and learning about transport is among the first.

We are social being and so babies must get familiar with social life too. I avoid crowded places whenever I take him out for a walk. I point to different things so that he knows their names.

We stay nearby Bus Stop, hence he was always excited to get in the bus but Mumbai buses are always crowded. So I decided to take the bus ride on a Sunday which is comparably less crowded.

And oh boy! He was so happy to sit in the bus. He is familiar with the bus due to The Wheels on the Bus on CoComelon so he was all the more excited.

This was Baby V’s first trip in public transport. He was delighted to see McDonald for the very first time as well and I had got to record it.

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Day 18: Difficult Motherhood Days | Unfulfilled To-do lists | Heartfelt Episode of The Good Doctor

Warning: This post is going to be rant.

Writing here feels like ages and indeed its been a month I have written anything. For the matter of fact, I haven’t been regular in journaling as well. By the end of the day I am exhausted.

Difficult Motherhood Days

Who said motherhood was easy? Yes, it is filled with unconditional love but we can’t ignore having the difficult days, can we? I may sound complaining, but it doesn’t change the reality of being a mom.

Being an early bird has been difficult. I think I prefer being a night owl but then when I wake up early I accomplish much more. Getting up from the bed is tough when your toddler sleeps past 11:30 pm each night and you need me-time which is essential for the mental health otherwise you will be broken.

I agree I stay up till 1 am but I need those few hours for me. I listen to podcast or read or watch shows. There are so many TV shows on my watchlist that I doubt I will ever go through them.

I miss reading books. Oh how I love to drown in a book that takes me in different world. I truly miss it.

Unfulfilled To-do Lists

I had tried to make to-do lists on my phone but I cannot keep with the digital world. I am the one who loves to write on a piece of paper. It lets me keep a check on my tasks and also reflects how many of the to-dos remain unchecked.

Nothing goes as planned. It frustrates me sometimes but then I cannot forget the time I spent with Baby V even though there are many unaccomplished to-dos.

Heartfelt Episode of The Good Doctor

Watching the last episode of Season 3 where Dr Neil Melendez dies felt like something was taken away from me. Though I had known that he dies by the end of the Season 3 due to the spoilers on YouTube but watching the actual episode left me heartbroken. The relationship between him and Claire was heartfelt and I was so sad for her. Even though Lea confessed her love for Shaun but the love of Dr Melendez and Claire stole my heart.

Season 4 isn’t available in India, I am awaiting for it.

Thank you for reading. I do hope I continue writing, reading.

#17 Day in Our Life: Why I don’t post regularly | Obsessed with The Good Doctor | Watch Sunflower on Zee5

Lack of motivation?

I am so bad at writing and posting. I feel sometimes I get strike with writer’s block, but it doesn’t so. There are many things jotted down in my brain it is just that they don’t find their place on paper. 

The other reason for not posting is: Baby V’s sleeping schedule has been changing. Somedays, he naps only once that always makes me stand on my toes. So I have to look after him as he keeps on walking, throwing his toys, putting things in his mouth out of nowhere (occasionally), and climbing on the sofa along with house chores. 

By the end of the day, I don’t feel motivated to pick my laptop. I only want some me time. No thoughts, no brainstorming. And the best way to do this is by watching Netflix or Prime video.

Binge watching The Good Doctor

I was watching The Mentalist (second time) and I came across The Good Doctor. I didn’t like Grey’s Anatomy ( I know, do not roll your eyes) and I thought it would be a similar medical drama but I was so wrong. Shaun Murphy stole my heart (Patrick Jane has to wait) in that first episode and there was no looking back. Each night I have been watching an episode or two and I am nearing the end of Season 1. 

This show has tempted me to read Gray’s anatomy. I do hope to read it again as Anatomy was my favourite subject.

Sunflower: Crime meets Comedy on Zee5

Sunil Grover, Ranvir Shorey at their best in Sunflower! I don’t want to write a full review of the series. My verdict is: Watch it! One of the best Hindi entertainment I have watched recently. 

Have you watched any series I have talked about in this post?

Thank you for reading. 

#16 Day in Our Life: How I Practice Self-care Daily Being Mom of a Toddler | Mental Health

“But I don’t have time!” How many times do we say this?! It is a big illogical excuse. We scroll through social media that begins for 5 minutes and gets extended to a half and then one hour. Yet we say: Don’t have time. 

I had always struggled with self-care before I entered motherhood as I had to juggle house chores, meal prep, long train journey, office, and reverse this by the end of the day. I had Saturday and Sunday for self-care and now there is no Sat or Sun day off for being a mom. 

mental health
Source: GIPHY

I practice self-care every day whenever I get time. It is for 5-10 minutes and that is sufficient for my mental health, keeping me happy and content. 

How I Practice Self-care Daily


I have always struggled with acne. My skin is not the best and sometimes it becomes worse. I have overcome the insecurity of a teenager with bad skin and it no longer affects my confidence. But then the skin is the reflection of the inner state of calm and good health. So I make sure to give my skin the TLC it needs every day. 

Let’s have a cup of chai

I am a tea lover and I don’t like anyone coming between me and my chai. I savor the favor of the perfect adrakwali chai in the morning and evening even when Baby V runs around me. 

Healthy food

There is no need to stress this or elaborate on this ultimate truth. You are what you eat. I don’t totally eliminate junk but I have minimized it.


I have already mentioned cleaning is therapeutic for me in this post. But I shall again talk about it. It is indeed difficult to keep the home clean with a toddler but I squeeze time out to clean.

Source: GIPHY

Whenever Baby V takes a nap I become a Superwoman with a broom and mop in my hand. I quickly clean and mop the floor and dusting the furniture side by side. Cleaning the kitchen platform after cleaning dishes in the afternoon and again in the evening along with cleaning the cabinet and refrigerator door. 

With the toddler playing around, I stack Baby V’s toys where they belong as soon as he is done playing with them. 

I have a peaceful sleep when my home is clean. 

Meal prepping

Off late meal prepping has become another therapeutic aid for me. I have written about it in few previous posts. I have learned to meal prep by watching YouTuber moms. I never used to meal prep earlier but I had to make it a habit as it helps to cook meals quickly. As soon as the groceries are in, I wash the veggies, clean and dry them. I peel, cut them as needed. 

Not each day is the same with a kid. When it is a tough day the already cut veggies are ready to cook. 

Take my word – Your life will become much easy with meal prep. 

YouTube videos

Yes, it is social media but I watch fellow mommies of a newborn or a toddler or teenagers. While watching I get to learn from them too. 

I stay away from the YouTubers who “show off” their life. 

Netflix and Amazon prime

Netflix is my ultimate love for TV shows and movies but I can’t get off Amazon as it has my all-time favorite shows – The Mentalist and House MD.

When do I get time to watch them? When Baby V goes to sleep and I have a relaxing end to the day by watching them. I don’t watch a movie as I have got only 1 hour before I sleep. So I enjoy watching 40 minutes episodes. 

How watching Netflix is a self-care? When you stop worrying about life stressors and smile or laugh while watching a show or a movie, trust me that is self-care. A good hearty laugh or a true smile lowers the stress hormones. 

So what are you waiting for? Let me know about your favorite shows. 

Thank you for reading.

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self care | mental health

#15 Day in Our Life: I Shouldn’t Have Watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reunion | Baby V’s Lovable Babble

I Shouldn’t Have Watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reunion because:

  • I knew I would laugh a lot
  • and Cry a lot too

I can’t even imagine how those six might have felt while doing the show and coming back after so many years. As an audience, I had chills while watching them. I couldn’t hold back tears whenever Courteney and Jennifer cried.

Source: GIPHY

We never had cable when the show was on air in the ’90s. I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much as I did after 2000, even if I did watch back then as I was too young to understand it. 

I don’t remember exactly when I began watching FRIENDS. I wasn’t consistent in watching it as we had one Television and we never watched an English TV show frequently. 

I got into watching FRIENDS after my marriage and it was my travel time buddy. In the Reunion episode, the audience from all over the world shared their experience on how the show had a great impact on them. It was an awesome companion during my pregnancy. It took away my anxiety and loneliness. 

Source: GIPHY

Courteney took away my heart when she said, “This would be the last time when we’re talked about the show as a group. We’re not going to do this in fifteen more years.” TRUE THAT!

Watching it all over again makes me think – How I wish I had such FRIENDS. I am grateful for the few friends I have (a few coz I am an introvert) but I never had such a group of friends. There’s always a void in my life and I yearn for such friends. 

Anyways, on the brighter note Baby V has begun babbling. IT IS SO ADORABLE. I feel like listening to it over and over again. I am eagerly waiting to hear him talking. 

FYI: I am liking the book – THE MONTESSORI TODDLER by Simone Davies that I am listening to on Audible. I am experimenting with the change in the way of thinking and taking care of my toddler Baby V as per the book. I would like to know how it would impact his upbringing and daily life. 

I prefer a physical book but the current life favors listening to a book, otherwise, I would have jotted down many tips I loved with a physical bookmark. 

Thank you for reading.